Expect a Great Candidate Experience

If you’re looking to make a career change you’re probably no stranger to the job hunt nerves. If you’ve applied with us, or are at least thinking about it, we’ve got some news that might help to calm those butterflies: we’re good at creating a positive candidate experience. In fact, according to stats from Glassdoor.com, a site who provides company ratings and reviews based on 100% anonymous employee and candidate feedback, not only are we rated well above the site’s average on this measure, we’re one of the best in our industry.

Whether it’s a resident, a vendor, an employee, or a candidate, we always aim to give them our very best. Check out the chart below to see the percentage of employee candidates reporting a positive interview experience with us as compared to a few of our competitors.

Candidate Experience

We recognize that searching for a dream job is no easy task, so we think that being transparent in our process, speedy in our communications, and creating a great overall experience for our candidates is the least we can do.

Take a deep breath knowing you’re in good hands when you apply with us. Check out our current open positions now! 

Hoping for some more employees and candidate insight before jumping in to apply? Check out our Glassdoor page!

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