Erin Dobias: Our 2015 WOW Grand Prize Winner

Creating a WOW Moment for a resident is one of the best parts of working for Venterra Realty. Every day, we have the opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life. We are grateful for all the WOW Moments created over 2015 and one in particular stood out among the rest! That’s why we decided to WOW Community Manager, Erin Dobias, and present her with a $2000.00 check at our annual Kickoff and awards ceremony this year! Congratulations, Erin! Everyone at Venterra now holds a special place in our hearts for Mrs. Dixon. Thanks so much for all you did!

We invited Mrs. Dixon to our awards ceremony and to be a part of presenting Erin with her check. Check out what she had to say about Erin below!

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