A GoFundMe WOW Moment for Sally and Her Mom

GoFundMe CampaignOur San Antonio/Austin Region Regional Better Living Manager, Sally Flores has been going through a tough time in recent months as her mother has been fighting with breast cancer.

When the hospital bills began to stack up as a result of a battle that has included chemotherapy, a mastectomy, and radiation treatments, the Flores family turned to GoFundMe in an effort to help cover some of the expenses.

When the Venterra Team caught wind of her ongoing GoFundMe campaign, they jumped into action. News of the campaign spread across the company through emails and social media. Colleagues of Sally, as well as those who she hadn’t met, joined in to help contribute to the cause and have, to date, helped raise more than $1,000 to ease the burden of the bills.

The gesture has left both Sally and her family touched by the generosity of the Venterra Family. WoW moments like these created by a great group of caring individuals make Venterra Realty a truly amazing place to work.

Please join us in wishing Sally, her mother, and the rest of the Flores family all the best in their continued battle in the comments section below!


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