We Had a SUPER 2016 Kick-Off Celebration!

Every year at our annual Kick-Off Party we get an opportunity to give back for all the hard work our teams put in the previous year. Appreciation is shown through awards of all types for individuals and teams, through heartfelt speeches from our executive team, by giving out tons of prizes, and by just having a chance to enjoy an all around amazing time!

All the excitement is a great way for us to gear up for the New Year and this year’s party was no exception. It was obvious early on that the decision to go with a superhero theme was a hit, but the number of our real-life Venterra heroes who decided to dress the part made it all the more clear! The celebration was definitely kicked up a notch by surprise VIP Residents who came shared the stage and jerked some tears speaking about the impact made on their lives by their Venterra heroes.

This year’s festivities were held in Houston and Atlanta, and we were delighted to see everyone’s smiling and excited faces again! The opportunity to mingle with a variety of Venterra heroes from other regions is a huge part of what makes the parties such a blast to attend. Kick-Off is just one example of how we follow through with our Leader Promise of  ‘making the time to have fun and celebrate Success!

For an inside look at what the party was all about this year check out the video below of our superheroes in action!

If you’ve got a story about a Venterra superhero we’d love to hear about it in the comments below! 

Be sure to keep an eye out for more blogs highlighting Kick-Off action in the near future!

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