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Curious to Know Why Renters Recommend Venterra Communities?

The words ‘Customer Experience’ seem to be everywhere these days.  Almost every company in every industry has jumped on the bandwagon and is talking about how it can fit into their strategy.  And those that aren’t won’t be around much longer.

At Venterra, customer experience has been a part of our strategy for many years and a big reason why all of our communities are Top Rated on At the heart of our strategy is our focus on creating WOW moments for renters.

Unlike other industries and products, our customers and interactions are much more than a transaction, they serve to build a relationship.  And when their day comes to an end – good or bad, they come home to us. So, you bet it’s a personal relationship. Our teams love celebrating happy moments in our residents’ lives and they look for opportunities to help when times are low.

For us, creating WOW moments is about being there for renters when they need us most. Being an employee at Venterra means that you have the funds and structure necessary available to do what you believe is necessary to show that you care and make a difference. Sometimes they are small, sometimes they cost nothing, and sometimes they are large and require several people to accomplish. Big or small is not important, though. What is important is that they are thoughtful and meaningful. In fact, ‘thoughtful’ is the second most used word in the resident feedback we receive.  The first (because I know you are wondering) is “Thank you”  Ok, so technically it’s two words, but it’s one phrase.

If you’re a renter and you’re trying to decide where to rent an apartment, think about who you want to come home to everyday. When it matters most, you’ll want a community managed by Venterra, because we have the most caring people in the industry. But of course I’m going to be biased; I work for this company and am a huge believer in what we do.  So see for yourself – take a few minutes and watch our highlight reel of feedback we received from renters over 2015.  Either for renting or for employment, you’ll want to join us for the 2016 highlight reel in the making.

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