We’re Closed for the Holidays… for a GREAT reason.

HolidayHoursWe’re thrilled to announce exciting recent changes to our Holiday Hours that will mean our employees will be enjoying more time with their families this year and into the future!

In a continuous effort to find the right balance between the customer experience and the employee experience, we are pleased to announce a number of improvements related to Holiday Hours! In addition to the holidays we have had off in the past, our schedule now includes even more paid days off! Our teams will now be enjoying the following additional days away from work:

  • Good Friday (in addition to Easter which we’ve always had off)
  • Black Friday (in addition to Thanksgiving Day which we’ve always had off)
  • Christmas Eve (regardless of the calendar day that it falls on and in addition to Christmas which we’ve always had off)
  • New Year’s Eve (in addition to New Year’s Day which we’ve always had off)

As much as we love having an opportunity to serve our residents and prospects, we also need to make sure our employees know just how much we love them, too. There’s no better way to do this than giving them an opportunity to spend more time with the most important people in their lives… their families. Extra time off during the holidays not only means our teams get more of a chance to enjoy holidays with loved ones, but it also means that our current and future residents will enjoy employees who will be coming back to work with a little extra pep in their step. As a result, we’ll ultimately end up with residents who are thrilled to continue to call a Venterra community home.

We are pleased to provide this enhancement to our Employee Experience. Improvements like these are made possible by our commitment to continually improving our operations, and the resulting success this has allowed us to enjoy with our operating performance.  A huge “Thank You!” to our employees for the important role they play in achieving this collective success.

Happy Holidays!

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