High Achievers Coming Through!

High Acheiver

An employee being a High Achiever means they are a top performer in their position in our organization.  These employees receive a $175 bonus and are eligible to receive an additional amount for each consecutive quarter that they make High Achievers. 

First time winner = $175

Second consecutive quarter = $375

Third consecutive quarter = $525

Fourth consecutive quarter = $700 + 2 airline tickets to anywhere in the Continental U.S. or $1000 CASH!

Congratulations to Danyer Rodriguez for accomplishing High Achiever 6 quarters in a row!

Danyer High Achiever

Maintenance Manager, Experience Leader High Achievers!

The Maintenance Manager High Achievers award is designed to recognize those individuals that perform to the top of their peer group. It is based on  Maintenance accountabilities to include Make Ready Performance, Service Request Performance, Maintenance Audit Score and Financial Performance. These accountability scores are averaged together to create a single property score. The top 10% scoring Maintenance Managers  receive the High Achievers designation.

MM High Achievers

(as listed below from left to right: Danyer, Josue, Amarildo, and Matthew)

Employee Property Grade Consecutive
Danyer Rodriguez Falcon Square 100.00% 6 consecutive – $375
Josue Cortes Cypress Pointe 100.00% 2nd consecutive – $375
Amarildo Latapie Forest View 100.00% 1
Matthew Dobias Villa Lago 100.00% 1

 Community Manager, Experience Leader High Achievers!

Each quarter, all CMs are ranked using their combined accountabilities score.   The top 10% will make up the High Achievers for that quarter.  Where there is a tie, all are considered High Achievers.  Accountabilities are defined as:

  • NOI Targets – Revenue
  • NOI Targets – Controllable Spending
  • Customer Service Scorecard Inside
  • Customer Service Scorecard Outside
  • Customer Service Scorecard External
  • Quality of People (Inside and Outside)

CM High Achievers

 (as listed below from left to right: Nicol, Michelle, Vanessa, Miguel, and Lauren)

Employee Name Property Acct Score
Nicol Brown Villa Lago 92.00%
Michelle Meigs – 2nd consecutive – $375 Balmoral Village (previously Park Manor) 88.00%
Vanessa Sullivan – 2nd consecutive – $375 Westover Oaks 88.00%
Miguel Garcia Champions Green (previously Sweetwater) 79.00%
Lauren Moseley Tuscany at Lindbergh 79.00%

Assistant Community Manager, Experience Maker High Achievers!

Each quarter, ACMs must achieve 3 specific metrics: Delinquency, Bad Debt, PRT. Out of those that have met the three metrics, we will then take those that scored in the top 10% on the Customer Experience Scorecard (Inside & External) to be selected as High Achievers.

In summary, these individuals must meet the following criteria to be an ACM High Achiever:

  • Delinquency (Del)– Need to achieve less than .40% in order to qualify
  • Bad Debt (BD) – Meet and or exceed budget expectation for the quarter
  • Previous Resident Management Tool (PRT)– Utilize the Previous Management Tool and send files to the collection agency thus making Gold-Star
  • Customer Experience Scorecard (CES)– Score in the top 10%  ACM High Acheivers

 (As listed below from left to right: Ashley, Brandi, Frank, Zuly, and Bettie)

Employee Name Property
Ashley Johnston Forest View
Brandi Polvado Willow Springs
Frank Damian Silverbrooke
Zuly Lozano – 2nd  consecutive – $375 Champions Green
Bettie Lyerly Preserve at Colony Lakes (previously Ravinia)

Better Living Consultant, Experience Maker High Achievers!

Better Living Consultant High Achievers are determined by measuring two core performance metrics; the number of leases that have moved in during that quarter and shop scores.  The top two leasers of each of these categories: properties above 375 units, between 250 – 374 units and less than 250 units are awarded the designation. There is also a 96 minimum average score needed for the on-site & call score (where a BLC was not shopped in the quarter, they would solely be eligible based on the number of leases).

BLC High Achievers

(as listed below from left to right: Kara, Kimberly, Joanna, Ivelis, Elizabeth, and Margarita)

Leasing Agent Property Name Units Leases Shop Score
Kara Wilkinson Landings 724 28 99.5
Kimberly Davis Amber Place 392 28 n/a
Joanna Reynolds West End Lodge 360 39 n/a
Ivelis Rodriguez Park 9 356 60 n/a
Elizabeth Metts – 2nd consecutive – $375 Riverstone 248 36 98.5
Margarita Figueroa Villa Lago 204 31 99


Congratulations to these High Achievers and good luck to everyone next quarter!

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