Our New WOW! Book is Hot Off the Presses!

WOW Book 2014Our commitment of caring is an underlying theme to everything we do.  We appreciate our residents and will show that appreciation through providing an environment where they are surrounded by people who care and work to improve the quality of their lives.  Part of our WOW culture can be heard through our stories of great customer service that highlight our Customer Service Values & Promises.

Our WOW! Matters culture and the results are evident through our annual WOW! Matters Contest and our annually published WOW! Matters book. We’re happy to announce that our much anticipated 6th edition WOW! Matters book is now available to view and purchase!

This book was so much fun to work on, but it truly would be nothing without the content that was provided by our employees. We read through over 1500 stories of WOW moments created and over 8500 points of feedback from our residents. The acts being taken to care for our residents are truly amazing and differentiating. They inspired us. We really wanted to put forth a book dedicated to our employees. Beginning on page 56, we added a section that serves to illustrate just what our WOW culture is all about. We really wanted to capture the heart and soul of Venterra: our employees. The book is a reflection of them and what they do everyday. We dedicate this year’s book to the employees of Venterra.

Check out the online version of our 2014 WOW book here or purchase a copy of it from Amazon here!

Our previous WOW! Matters editions are also available! You can read about WOW moment after WOW moment in each of the following books – 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013and 2014!

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