A Move-in TOUCHDOWN! – June Featured WOW Story of the Month – Part 2

For June’s Featured WOW Story of the Month, there were two WOW stories that really stood out to me because our team members took the time to listen, picked up on details during the conversation, and then personalized the experience for our customers.  You can read about the first featured story here. The second featured story for June was posted by Legacy at River Crossing in Macon, GA. Jessica Abney took the time to listen to Stephen’s needs and through that was able to help him get started in a new town and new home.

Stephen moved here from Alabama to accept the position of Head Coach at one of our high schools. He was so excited about the position, since this was his first Head Coach position upon finishing college. While we were reviewing his lease paperwork, he mentioned that he was on a very tight budget and would be living on savings until he received his first paycheck in August. He joked that he was glad that we offered a free DVD library because he wouldn’t be able to get cable or internet until then. He had already called our direct sales rep with the local cable company to inquire about service, and the upfront costs were preventing him getting service. 

I didn’t want Stephen to go that long with our having cable or internet, so I decided to do something.  I called our sales rep and told him that we would like to pay the upfront costs for Stephen to have his cable and internet service set up. Our rep was stunned! He kept telling me that he couldn’t believe that we would be willing to do that for a resident, and thought that it was a very thoughtful thing to do. Stephen was equally as excited and appreciative.

Jessica Abney

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