Pamela Higdon Appointed Venterra Chief Financial Officer

 We’re proud to announce the appointment of Pamela Higdon as our Chief Financial Officer responsible for shaping, guiding, and executing our financial strategy. 

Pamela will be instrumental in optimizing the performance of our current businesses, nurturing the growth of the Development division, and leaning in to offer expertise on future products and services. 

Professional headshot of Venterra CFO, Pamela Higdon

A Certified Public Accountant with an MBA from Northern Illinois University, Pamela’s journey in the financial world has been nothing short of impressive. Her career has taken her across diverse global industries, starting with Commercial Real Estate, followed by ventures into the Petroleum, Hedge Fund, Banking, and most recently, Technology industries.

Throughout her career, Pamela has honed a remarkable blend of financial expertise and business acumen. Leading teams of up to 1,000 individuals, she has proved herself to be a seasoned business executive who thrives on tackling challenges and turning visionary ideas into reality. Her references commend her for her ability to build and nurture high-performance teams while maintaining effective collaboration across various departments.

“By appointing Pamela Higdon as our new CFO, Venterra welcomes a visionary leader who will fortify our financial foundation and help drive high-quality growth,” said Venterra Realty CEO and Co-Founder, John Foresi. “Pamela’s exceptional operating skillset and strategic mindset perfectly align with our company’s mission and Core Values, ensuring a prosperous future. We are excited to witness the positive impact she will have on Venterra, amplifying our success and advancing our abilities to provide market-leading experiences for our residents.”

“With her extensive financial expertise, Pamela will be the perfect compass to guide us through the ever-changing landscape of the market,” said Chairman and Co-Founder, Andrew Stewart. “We will look to her to ensure we make well-informed decisions, allocate resources effectively and maintain the financial health necessary to seize opportunities and achieve our goals for prosperous future growth.”

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