Experience the Venterra Difference

Our “people-first” approach to business doesn’t end with our customers. We know that our long-term success depends on us prioritizing company culture and understanding the impact it has on our team members. And, at a time when employees are leaving their companies at record levels, this approach has proven more important than ever.

By filling our communities and offices with individuals who are genuinely excited to make a difference in the lives of others, we’re able to ensure that our Core Values and Employer Promises are guiding decision-making at all levels of the organization. It’s an approach that has been impactful, not just for Venterra, but for our team members, as well.

Focusing on how individuals experience our company culture results in happier employees, lower turnover rates, countless opportunities to celebrate the achievements of our colleagues, and it reinforces a business model based on people, not apartments.

Providing more than just a great set of perks and benefits, our holistic approach to employee experience has played a huge role in the way we operate. Venterra colleagues have driven our innovation within the industry, have created an award-winning company culture, and have been behind our success for more than twenty years.

Find out what our team members and leaders have to say about what makes us different in the video below!

Know someone who should be experiencing the Venterra difference? We’re now hiring! Refer a team member to us and you could have $500 coming your way just 90 days after they join us.

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