Our Partnership with BrightIdea

We have partnered with BrightIdea to implement an enhanced process for driving collaborative conversations that will provide a safe place where employee ideas can be shared and explored throughout the organization, helping to shape the future of Venterra. BrightIdea is an industry leading idea management software tool which allows companies to manage idea submissions, route them to the right people, evaluate them and move them through the pipeline in a simple and seamless manner. Its main function is to run idea crowdsourcing challenges rapidly and effectively at scale, while allowing for transparent feedback and collaboration.

“One of the strengths of Venterra is that our colleagues have a diversity of experience outside of the real estate industry. Through our partnership with BrightIdea, we now have a platform in place that will allow Venterra to utilize our colleagues’ varied backgrounds, take part in collaborative conversations and challenges, and provide the ability for leaders to have access to ideas and innovations surfaced from colleagues across all departments of the organization,” said John Foresi, Venterra Realty CEO.

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While many platforms require heavy customization, BrightIdea’s turn-key suite of products are streamlined to make the creation of challenges and participation simple. Through the mobile app, Venterra colleagues can easily collaborate, submit ideas and engage on the go, whenever they feel inspired.

“I am a big believer that positive disruption for businesses begins with imagination and allowing the opportunity for valuable ideas to come forward,” said Andrew Stewart, Venterra Realty Chairman and Co-Founder. Stewart went on to add “As part of Venterra’s Never-Ending Pursuit of Excellence, we encourage colleague-driven innovations and applaud team members who share strategies and feedback that help to provide new and better processes in all dimensions of the business. By adding BrightIdea’s tool to our technology stack, we look to further increase our ability to identify improvements needed, test different technology solutions and allow for colleagues to supply innovative solutions to better their day-to-day responsibilities.”

With the growth that we are experiencing, it is important that the investment in this idea management platform remains fun and meaningful, while adding a more inclusive, collaborative, and scalable solution.

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