Maintenance Appreciation Week 2021

3 different workers posing for photos

Maintenance Appreciation Week 2021 was one for the books!

We once again had a chance to show our deep gratitude for all of the hard work and dedication our maintenance teams bring to work each and every day for this year’s Maintenance Appreciation week. Our maintenance crews have a huge responsibility: they own the difficult tasks of keeping up with the challenges of our entire 65 community portfolio.

Not only do they tackle maintenance issues like changing locks, repairing leaky pipes, and servicing AC units on hot summer days, they also jump into action to go above and beyond for our customers. Spend any amount of time at a Venterra community and you’re likely to spot one of our maintenance team members jumping a resident’s car, helping out with an upstairs grocery bag haul, or sneaking a treat from their golf cart for a resident’s pet. And, because maintenance needs don’t end when the sun goes down, these invaluable team members also stay busy after-hours, taking on resident maintenance emergencies at the drop of a hat. With their passion for customer experience and dedication to creating communities our residents are proud to call home, it’s no wonder 98% of our communities are “Top Rated” on 

Between the recent winter freezes and COVID-19 turning our residents’ homes into offices, schools, and gyms, it’s safe to say that the never-ending efforts of Venterra’s maintenance team members have been more critical than ever. With this in mind, our office team members and Experience Leaders were excited to come up with some innovative and memorable ways to show these folks some extra love for Maintenance Appreciation Week 2021. Our maintenance crews enjoyed home-cooked meals, goodie bags, appreciation signs and cards from coworkers, positive messages from residents, personalized gifts, tons of snacks and drinks, and even a surprise visit from a comedian!

Check out some of the 2021 Maintenance Appreciation Week action in the video below!

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