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Candor and Openness is part of Venterra’s seven Core Values, and it’s something we take seriously. Whether it’s having to face a hard truth or tackle a difficult conversation, our success depends on our leaders and team members having a voice that they can use in a real, open, and honest way. Employee feedback from surveys and reviews plays a big part in making that happen.

Megaphone - Employee FeedbackFrom our annual Great Place to Work® Institute survey to anonymous employee review sites like Indeed or Glassdoor, having a chance to absorb and act on insights from current and former Venterra team members is truly invaluable to us. Given that platforms like these provide the anonymity that an internal message or conversation might not, we can rest assured that what we find here is the real stuff, free from pressures that can sometimes get in the way of employees speaking from the heart.

Hearing from a potential employer is important as a job seeker, but, since most companies tend to say nice things about themselves, hearing from employees can often paint a different picture. If you’re looking to land a dream job, you won’t regret taking the team to thoroughly vet your next employer by diving into feedback from real employees.

With this in mind, we wanted to highlight two sets of word clouds pulled straight from the source. The words appearing most prominently in the images below represent the most common phrases found in Venterra team member survey responses/reviews, where the smaller/lighter words were used less frequently in employee feedback. Highlighted phrases are most often fragments of a full phrase or sentence from the individual survey responses/reviews.

From Venterra employee reviews from…

Glassdoor encourages reviewers to provide both pros and cons in every review they leave, helping potential candidates to have a well-rounded understanding of the organization. Our overall rating on Glassdoor is currently a 4.6 out of 5, and the reviews we’ve received on the site have resulted in us being ranked on the Glassdoor “Best Places to Work” list three times, including their most recent list. Employee feedback on the site also resulted in Venterra CEO, John Foresi, being named one of the Glassdoor Top CEOsRead more about what our employees and candidates have to say from our Glassdoor employer profile! Reviews - Employee Feedback Word Cloud

From our Great Place to Work® Survey…

The Great Place to Work® Institute, the “global authority on workplace culture,” provides employers with insights into the health of their company culture with an annual employee survey that covers a range of areas and topics. Employee feedback from the survey has resulted in our being ranked for the fifth year in a row on the “Best Medium Workplaces” list. Additionally, it’s led to our landing the #1 spot for our size category on the 2021 Best Workplaces in Texas list, to our being named one of the Best Workplaces for Diversity, and to our making the Best Workplaces for Women list in 2020. For more insights from the most recent survey like Venterra employee demographics and how we compare to other companies, be sure to visit our Great Place to Work company profile!

Great Place to Work® Survey - Employee Feedback Word Cloud

We’re hiring! If you’re interested in being a part of our award-winning company culture, head over to our Careers Site to check out our current opportunities or to submit a general application so we can consider you for a role when the perfect opportunity comes available!

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