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Venterra Academy LogoWe’re dedicated to filling our communities and offices with “lifelong learners” who are thirsty for knowledge and humble enough to know there’s always room to grow.

Making good on our Employer Promises to invest in our team members’ professional development and strive to ensure that they have the tools and resources they need to succeed starts with an industry-leading training experience that quenches the thirst.

It’s no secret that a “trial by fire” approach to onboarding new employees is a recipe for disaster, especially for a customer-facing position. Employers who hope for the best without providing the resources, guidance, or support that new hires need to thrive inevitably create a poor experience for the employee, their customers, and their coworkers. It’s not always easy, but, companies who understand the power behind planning for the long-term recognize the importance of establishing and maintaining programs and policies that give employees what they need to flourish in their career from start to finish.

Venterra Academy - Graduation Ceremony From new employee orientation to one-on-one training with certified mentors to countless online courses and free access to tons of great reads, our training program, Venterra Academy, provides the resources our team members need to excel in their current role and prepare for the next. Being able to take advantage of all Venterra Academy has to offer means our new hires hit the ground running and have access to the resources needed to continue the race.

Where our in-house training ends, our Educational Assistance Program begins.

Starting from day one, our full-time team members can use funds up to 3% of their annual salary ($500 for part-time employees), each year, towards external resources that aid in their personal or professional growth.

Whether it’s learning a new language, getting a CALP or HVAC certification, or going back to school to finish a degree, our EAP goes beyond tuition reimbursement. Instead of waiting until a course has been completed, we provide our team members with this funding upfront, helping to clear a hurdle that all too often stands in the way of a passion for learning. We love being able to join our employees in celebrating a goal accomplished or a learning opportunity realized and are honored to play a part in making it happen.

Find out more about Venterra Academy and read a few stories from real Venterra team members from our training page!

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