Venterra’s Winter Storm Response

winter storm - TX MailboxLast week’s winter storms left millions without electricity for days on end, resulting in disruptions to critical services including heat, water, internet, phone service, and food supply. With the Venterra portfolio spanning the Southern U.S., the storms ravaged many of the communicates where our employees live and operate, causing a significant impact on our residents and Venterra team members. The damage to our properties has required an immediate and sustained response. Many residents had to move out, communities required 24-hour fire watches due to sprinkler system outages, and we’ve needed to work closely with vendors and residents around the clock, addressing a wide range of needs.

Once again, the quality of our people has been on full display.  As with challenges we’ve faced before, our team members have responded with compassion, urgency, agility, and a commitment to ensuring the well-being of their residents, team members, and our properties. Venterra people in the affected regions have made countless sacrifices, working nonstop to care for others, even while their own families and neighbors were personally affected by the storms.

Winter Storm - GroceriesAs we’ve seen so many times before, Venterra team members didn’t waste a minute jumping into action. Maintenance and other staff at our communities selflessly spent nights away from their loved ones camping out at our communities, often in their vehicles or in our offices without heat. They’ve performed repairs of all sizes and types, despite the freezing temperatures. They assisted in transferring residents from affected units. And, even in the face of new emergencies, our teams still managed to complete apartment make-readies, making it possible for new residents to move in. All of this, while continuing to provide critical updates to the situation. We are humbled and full of admiration.

A heartfelt “thank you” goes out to our team members who have tirelessly responded to all the circumstances resulting from this emergency. Their continued efforts to work through this have been truly extraordinary and immensely appreciated. It’s in difficult times like this that the strength, dedication, and values of our Venterra teams truly shine and set themselves apart.  I’m privileged to be part of this strong, dedicated team, and know we will come out the other side of this storm even stronger.

4 thoughts on “Venterra’s Winter Storm Response”

  1. I lived ar Forestview Apts in the Woodlands, Tx. I have been told that I will get a refund. How is this being handled?
    Lillian McBride

    1. I live in Timbermill and I would like to know. Our kids room is in dangerous condition and no one is coming to fix it yet.

      1. Eastin Isaac, Recruiter/Brand Specialist, Experience Leader

        Julie – We appreciate you contacting us and are looking forward to resolving the issue for you as soon as possible. We’ve passed this information along to our Timber Mill Community Manager. She might have already reached out, but you should expect a follow-up contact regarding the situation shortly. Thanks again for contacting us.

    2. Eastin Isaac, Recruiter/Brand Specialist, Experience Leader

      Thanks for reaching out with the information, Lillian. We’ve forwarded this information along to our Community Manager at Forest View. You should expect an update in the near future, if you haven’t already received one. Thank you again and have a great day!

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