National Take Your Dog to Work Day 2018

One of the unique Venterra perks that’s consistently enjoyed by our employees is being able to bring able to bring their canine pals into the office to lend a paw. There are plenty of great reasons why we invite dogs into our offices:

  • Take Your Dog to Work Days can help decrease stress! A study published in the International Journal of Workplace Health Management showed that people who brought their dogs to work were actually less stressed than those who didn’t.
  • Pets encourage camaraderie and bonding between team members! And our prospects and residents will get to see a side of us that goes far beyond our job function!
  • Having a friendly dog in the office helps create a warm and welcoming environment that our residents and prospects will be able to feel! We already do so much to make our Venterra communities feel like home, this is just the cherry on top!

We love seeing all the furry faces posted on our company pages and on social media, and when National Take Your Dog to Work Day rolls around each year we naturally see a few extra pups making it into our offices and communities. We thought we’d take it as an opportunity to share a few of our employees’ four-legged friends that have made it in the past few months or to celebrate the day this year. Check them out below!

Know someone who would love a chance to bring their dog into the office while holding a Venterra role? Refer them to us and you could end up with $250 in your pocket in no time!

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