How to Win Over a Recruiter

Let’s face it. Landing your dream job is a lot easier said than done. Chances are if you’re interested in an open job there are probably a hundred other folks who are eyeballing the same position. The competition is stiff, so learning how to win over a recruiter is a must if you want your resume to land in the applicant short stack.

“4 Ways to Make a Recruiter Fight for You, According to a Successful Recruiter,” an article presented by TheMuse, and written by Johnson & Johnson‘s head of recruiting, Sjoerd Gehring, has some great advice on how to make it happen.

There’s nothing more powerful for a job applicant than having someone inside the company who’s willing to go to bat for them. This article might just make forming that bond a reality for you. From preparing for a meet-and-greet to being open if you discover you’re not the right fit, Sjoerd has some great food for thought for just about any job seeker out there.

Have some tips of your own on how to win over a recruiter? Take a minute to let us know about them in the comments section below!

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