A Houston Dynamo Team WOW

houston dynamo letters

There’s not much we love more than seeing amazing employee WOW moment stories, and a recent one involving the Houston Dynamo posted by Kristi, our Community Manager at South Shore Lakes. definitely fit the bill! 

This WOW moment was the brainchild of the community’s Maintenance Manager, Jose, and was an especially great one given that the whole South Shore Lakes maintenance team got to join in on the fun! Here’s what Kristi had to say about the surprise:

houston dynamo screenshot“Jose mentioned to me that he would love to WOW his team but wanted to do a team bonding event.  He stated his guys LOVE soccer and he would like to get them tickets to a game.

I immediately went to work and on finding out who they wanted to see and trying to learn a little more about soccer so we can execute the WOW-EE 100%!

I ended up getting them great seats for a Houston Dynamo game and was sent back pictures the whole time! It was great to see the guys enjoying their time, bonding, and enjoying their passion!

Great work coming up with an awesome and personalized employee WOW moment, Jose and Kristi! Way to show your appreciation for these deserving guys in a big way! 


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