Belterra Voted “The Best Apartment Community” in Fort Worth

belterra best apartment community in fort worthEach year, the Fort Worth daily newspaper, The Star-Telegram, holds their “Fort Worthy contest” recognizing the “Best of Fort Worth” in a wide range categories including restaurants, hospitals, nightlife, and a number of other services. Making the list is no easy feat as it requires nomination for the recognition and undergoing a lengthy voting process.

Earlier this year the team at Belterra Apartments discovered not only that a “Best Apartment Community” category had been added to the list for 2017, but that their community had been nominated for the recognition!  

The voting process had been underway for several months when they got word that the results put them on the Forth Worthy top ten list and voting had now gone public! Given that the city is home to some seriously great places to call home, the team was thrilled at the news of making the short list of amazing communities, but in July the news got even better.

After all the votes were tallied up, the Belterra team found out that they had moved from the top ten list to the top three best apartment community list and were invited to attend the Star-Telegram Fort Worthy party to celebrate the achievement along with others who had reached the milestone in their respective category!

fort worthy belterra best apartment community in fort worth

It was at the event that the team discovered that they had been voted THE Best Apartment Community in Fort Worth!

Being named the “Best Apartment Community in Fort Worth” is an outstanding achievement for Belterra and is a testament to the entire team’s dedication to providing their residents an exceptional living experience.

Join us in congratulating the team in the comment section below and be sure to check out all of the Fort Worthy Award winners here! 

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