Margarita’s Surprise WOW Moment

The Westover Oaks team in San Antonio recently created an awesome WOW moment for their Porter/Housekeeper, Margarita!

A combination of the hot summer season and being short on maintenance staff has kept the team busy recently, but Margarita, a twelve year Venterra veteran, has never hesitated to step up to help wherever she has been needed. Not only has she come in early and stayed late to make sure residents were well taken care of, but she’s also managed to maintain her warm and positive attitude while doing it.

With a much needed and well-deserved vacation coming up soon, Margarita had mentioned that she was going to need to borrow luggage from someone, and her sharp-eared colleagues were paying attention! Westover’s Community Manager, Vanessa, decided to jump into action and gathered the team to help pick out a beautiful set of luggage in her favorite color, purple and picked out a few extra goodies for Margarita enjoy.

When it was time to reveal the surprise, the Westover team managed to catch her priceless reaction to the WOW moment on video. Check it out below!

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