Phrases that Make You Sound Inexperienced

Whether you’re on the hunt for your dream job or are already living the dream, the way you communicate with other professionals paints them a picture of who you are. Ask yourself: do you know what that portrait looks like? ‘

The phrases you’re casually throwing around the office or you let slip without a thought in during the last conversation you had with a recruiter might just make you look like you know less about what you’re talking about than you really do.

TheMuse’s article, “9 Phrases That Make You Sound Less Experienced Than You Are” highlights a number of common phrases that make you sound inexperienced to others.

Phrases that Make You Sound InexperiencedSure – you know your stuff, but these common speech pitfalls might just be leaving others in doubt. From changing up “I Don’t Know” to a more productive alternative to getting rid of those overly emotional adverbs like “very” and “extremely,” the article covers a number of phrases that make you sound inexperienced in your field. It’s a quick and easy read and just might change that professional portrait of yours from a sketch to a work of art.

Are there other phrases or words that you’d add to the “that make you sound inexperienced” list? Let us know in the comments below!

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