Terrell’s Classic Sega Surprise

terrell classic sega surprise

Courtesy of Villas at Newnan Crossing Community Manager, Tonya Dix, comes another great employee WOW moment!  

After asking her to check and see if the Classic Sega Genesis Game Console that he really wanted was available on Amazon Prime, Tonya knew what she had to do.

“The next morning I told Terrell that he wasn’t going to believe it, but that Amazon Prime didn’t have the game. (I had actually already ordered it for him so that I could surprise him!) Terrell was so bummed, because he was looking forward to buying the game.

The order arrived a few days later. I left it in the box and called Terrell to my office for us to meet for a few things concerning the community. We talked for a few minutes before I asked him to open the box, because I could not remember what I ordered.

When he opened it you would have thought that there was a MILLION dollars in it! He was so excited and couldn’t wait to go home to play his new Classic Sega Genesis Game! Just look at the smile on his face!”

That smile definitely says it all! Way to go creating this throwback WOW Moment for Terrell, Tonya! Great job keeping your ears and eyes open for a way to surprise him in a big way!

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