The HVAC Industry Meets Voice-Enabled Technology

hvac-voice-enabled-gdHVAC systems continue to make a big impact in multi-family. Keeping an eye on trends in the HVAC industry can help us make better business decisions now and into the future. One of the latest advances in the market is tied to the rise in popularity of voice-enabled technology like the Amazon echo and the Google Home speaker.

An article on the topic, Voice-enable Technology’s Role in the HVAC Industry from ACHR News dives into how these smart-home hub devices are becoming intertwined with the traditional HVAC systems we’ve all come to know and love.

As Alexa and Siri continue to find their ways into more and more aspects of our lives, companies are constantly working to keep up with them. The HVAC industry has responded with wi-fi and voice-enabled smart devices such as thermostats in addition to working to connect their devices with others in the home through user-friendly apps on smartphones and tablets.

Check out the full article and then be sure to let us know your predictions for technology’s impact on the HVAC industry in the comments below! 

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