Finding a Job You Love Really Does Matter.

They were right all along: money really isn’t everything.

As it turns out, cashing a big check probably should take a backseat to finding a job you love.

finding a job you love Success-Opportunity Job Fair Pic 9-3-13When it comes to paying those bills, having a solid paycheck is a must. That’s a given. But the size of role it should play in navigating the waters of a successful career is where things often tend to get a little tricky for job seekers. Study after study has shown that more money doesn’t automatically equate to more happiness, and it just so happens that other factors that really matter to us like workplace safety and growth opportunities, often actually correlate with a lower income.

From the morality of a company mission to your sense of value for the work you’re putting in, there are a TON of important things that have to be weighed out to make a solid choice on finding the right job for you. The New York Times article “The Incalculable Value of Finding a Job You Love” does a great job of shining a little light on what really matters when it comes to this important topic. Whether you’re trying to choose a direction you should start off on, thinking about a possible change in direction, or just tend to find yourself in deep thought about what really matters in life, the article is a great read,

Check out the full article and then let us know what you think is most important in landing the job of your dreams in the comments below! 

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