Adopting a Productive Mindset

When it comes to a successfproductive mindsetul day at work, it’s not all about the number of things you got done. If you want a productive mindset you need to start thinking about quality over quantity.

The Muse article “How to Feel More Productive Every Single Day Without Doing Any Extra Work” by Alyse Kalish highlights a destructive way of thinking that is all too familiar to many of us. Sure, it feels good to scratch an item off a long to do list for the day, but it really is critical to take a step back, think about the tasks at hand, how long they should take, and then look ahead to what the future has in store.

Breaking a long-established approach to work is no easy task, but if you can take this advice to heart, you’ll likely be wrapping up your work day feeling better about yourself and be on a path to a more successful career.

Check out the full article and then let us know how you stay feeling productive in the comments below!

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