Thanksgiving & Black Friday 2016

We hope you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving full of good times, good food, and good people! 

thanksgiving black fridayWith the big day behind us, many folks now have their minds not just on those delicious leftover turkey sandwiches but also on the shopping season ahead.

If you’re like a lot of shoppers out there, you might just be planning to brave the crowds or hop online to try to take advantage of the sales that Black Friday can offer. If so, it’s not a bad idea to have a game plan to make the most out of the day and make it out on the other side with your sanity and pocketbook intact. Following a few easy pointers can go a long way to making that a reality this year.

Check out the U.S. News article 8 Ways to Simplify Black Friday Shopping to help you on your Black Friday journey! 


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