Venterra Fantasy Football is Back!

venterra-fantasy-football-moneyNow that the NFL season is finally back in swing, so is Venterra Fantasy Football! 

After extensive research, we’ve found that whether our employees like football or not, most of them like winning money, so we are once again hosting two different free online formats for Venterra Fantasy Football through Yahoo Fantasy Football! Employees can choose to participate in one or both.

In “Pick ’em League” Fantasy Football employees have a chance to win $100 each week and up to $300 at the end of the season just for picking the teams they think will win in games during the season.

“Survival League” Fantasy Football is a little more interesting, but a little luck can still go a long way. In this league employees predict the winner of just one game each week and the selected team can’t be picked again for the rest of the season. Only those who chose the correct winner will advance to the next week. Cash prizes in Survival League include $200 for 3rd place, $300 for 2nd place, and a whopping $500 for our overall 1st place winner!

We’re looking forward to seeing how the 2017 Venterra Fantasy Football League winners shake out!

Who are your NFL picks this year? Let us know below!

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