Mastering Apartment HVAC Systems!

apartment hvac systemIt’s an ongoing conversation in our industry, especially when summer is in full swing. What’s the best approach to apartment HVAC systems?

Should we be looking at moving to new refrigerant? Spending thousands in the latest and greatest units on the market? Repair or replace? From climate change concerns, to making sure training keeps up with changes, to rising overhead costs, there are a LOT of factors that need to be considered when we’re looking at this vital part of our business.

Considering these decisions and moving forward with a plan is something that the professionals at Venterra do every day.

4 thoughts on “Mastering Apartment HVAC Systems!”

  1. Personally, as an HVAC technician, I believe it’s a conversation every business should be having regarding the repairing or replacing R22 air conditioning system. From my experience, I’m geared more towards replacement for these reasons.
    1. The cost to repair an R22 system is very expensive, especially if it’s a refrigeration repair.
    2. Most R22 systems are nearing their life expectancy, 8-12 years old or older, the efficiency of these systems are weaning, high energy cost because the system has to work hard to do it’s job.
    3. An R22 system parts are very expensive and at times extremely hard to find and it could potentially leave the customer without ac for quite some time. In Houston Summer weather, this is miserable.
    4.A new system provides the customer with new warrenties, better effiencies, and low repair cost

    1. Eastin Isaac, Recruiter/Brand Specialist, Experience Leader

      Some great insight there, Carl! Thanks for sharing. We’re looking forward to discussing the Calais Midtown position with you soon. Thanks again!

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