You Won’t Believe What We Do for Our Residents

New WoWOur teams across the portfolio recently united for our first WOW Moment Friday! It was a day about coming together to make a difference and a day when we all had a uniform look and thought:

WOW Moments Matter.

Our residents share stories with us every day both electronically and in person. It’s up to us to listen and make a difference. And when we do, the results are usually very emotional. So we asked our teams to start listening for signs and cues from their residents that they are planning for, struggling to take, wishing they could, cancelling their plans to, or any other form of prefacing their talk about a family vacation. From the details we collected we went to work and began planning magical moments.

On May 27th teams sported their new WOW Matters tee shirts and announced to residents what they had in store for them and how they would be taking a family vacation with Venterra’s help! We ultimately sent seven families to enjoy vacations that, due to unfortunate circumstances, they wouldn’t have been able to enjoy the same way otherwise. The surprise vacations even included one family getting to go on the cruise they’d been dreaming of!

Check out some of the ways our teams stepped up to make the day an amazing one in the video below!

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