The Top 25 Cities for Employee Satisfaction

Believe it or not, the city that you call home might just make all the difference in how happy you are at work. Glassdoor is a great place to turn to find out how the major US cities shake out when it comes to the topic, so that’s just where Forbes looked when coming up with their article: The Top 25 Cities for Employee Satisfaction.

Looking at reviews coming in from the top 50 largest metropolitan areas over the last year helped paint a picture of where you’re most likely to be a happy camper at work. We were again happy to find that our portfolio of communities is well represented in the study with five of our cities making the cut!

Check out those cities and our corresponding communities below and then take a minute to look over the full article! 

#8: Austin, TXemployee satisfaction austin

#14: San Antonio, TX

#23: Houston, TX

#24: Nashville, TN


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