Britni’s Active Lifestyle Gets a Boost!

Our Experience Leaders are continuing to create amazing moments for our employees! Check out how Falcon Square Community Manager, Olga Kosterina,  WOWed her new Leasing Consultant, Britni!

Britni Active Lifestyle“I learned that Britni used to have a very active lifestyle in her home town and that one of her personal goals here in Florida is to get back into it. She mentioned that she has a Golds Gym membership now and how sore her body was from a few recent training sessions. I suggested to take protein and amino acids to help the muscles recover faster and she mentioned that she didn’t have any.

With other things going on in her life, buying sports nutrition products is not on her priority list now. I decided to give her a boost start and bought her a gym bag that said “Think It. Want It. Get It.”, a pre-workout supplement, amino-acids, and protein for faster muscle recovery. You can’t even imagine the look on her face and the tears in her eyes when she saw it! It felt so good to be her little Fairy Godmother!”

Great job listening for your employee’s passion and jumping into action, Olga! Way to go! 

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