Tammie Helps Northlake Beat the Heat!

Northlake WOW EE beat the heatOur Experience Leaders are continuing to create amazing moments for our employees! Check out how Providence of Northlake Community Manager, Tammie Wilder WOWed the maintenance team there by helping them beat the heat!

“I would like to take a moment to give a huge shout out to one of the best Maintenance teams a property could have! Jose, Adam, and Matt have been putting in some heavy-duty work outdoors and the heat is not exactly always on their side. We need to make sure our guys are good and hydrated. It’s a better time than ever to show how much we appreciate their hard work and understand the struggle the heat can be by giving them their very own Brita Hard Sided Water Filtration Bottle which will filter water as they drink. It makes it much more convenient than plastic water bottles and reduces the taste and odor of chlorine often found in tap water. Let’s just say I’ve never seen these guys more excited and thrilled to have ownership of one. Take that Summer!

I hope you guys enjoy! It brings me great joy to see the excitement in my team! Happy Summer! You guys Rock!”

And we think YOU rock for taking such great care of your team, Tammie! Way to go!

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