Making Your LinkedIn Profile Stand Out from the Crowd

LinkedIn ProfileNowadays, landing your dream job takes more than a great resume and smile. With employers turning to social media platforms to find and vet their top candidates for open roles, it’s important to make sure that you’re putting the best version of yourself out there for them to see. When it comes to a professional profile, LinkedIn is the social media of choice for recruiters around the globe, so it’s critical to make sure that your LinkedIn profile is telling the story that it should be. Courtesy of comes an article that can help you do just that!

TheMuse LogoHow to Get Your LinkedIn Profile Ready for Your Job Search in 30 Minutes by Jenny Foss is a great read for anyone looking to help their profile sparkle in hopes of catching an employer’s eye. The article presents a minute by minute breakdown of how to perfect your LinkedIn summary, headline, and skills  With examples, templates, and some great food for thought, taking the article’s advice is sure to have recruiters knocking on your LinkedIn door in no time!

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