April Better Living Winners!

Congratulations to our monthly Better Living winners for April!

For our April winners, 6 individuals jumped out at us for their participation in their own personal goals and the Better Living monthly challenges. Take a look at who they are and see why each of them were chosen winners!

Tracy WallNo surprise here as our 2015 grand prize winner…..A BIG congratulations goes this month to Tracy Wall at Carlyle Place Apartments! Tracy was chosen to win this month for her participation in the 30 Day Personal Development Challenge. As with past challenges, Tracy took this challenge head on and updated her goal with over 20 updates with long descriptions and even video of how she branched out and added different foods into life!


jennifer iannuzziWe would also like to congratulate Jennifer Iannuzzi from corporate on completing the 30 Days of Personal Development Challenge! Jennifer updated her goal with 25 updates and shared with us how she is bettering herself by adding in exercise into her daily routine!  Congratulations! You have won yourself $125!



giselle cernaGiselle Cerna from Reflections on Sweetwater is a winner for also completing the 30 Days of Personal Development Challenge! Giselle decided for April that she would start eating healthier to help with some health complications she was experiencing so she took this challenge head on and shared over 25 updates with long descriptions of how she is changing her life along with photos of her journey. Way to go Giselle! You are $125 richer!


vivien nguyenCongratulations to Vivien Nguyen from Cedar Springs for her participation in April’s 30 Days of Personal Development Challenge! Vivien made these last 30 days about finding ways to love herself more and change her mind set on how she sees herself. Vivien was very candid in her updates and photos on how she was working toward achieving this goal. Way to go Vivian! You have earned yourself $125!


minerva mongerMinerva Monger from the Florida region is an April winner for completing her personal goal of competing in her first fitness competition! This goal is so cool! She not only competed in the competition she also placed in several different categories! WAY TO GO MINERVA! We are so excited for your winnings and for achieving your personal goal! Thank you for sharing your journey with us with your updates and photos! Your $125 is well earned!


tracy reesOur TOP ENCOURAGER this month goes to Tracy Rees from Reflections on Sweetwater. No surprise here being that Tracy was our 2015 Top Encourager winner! Tracy encouraged her peers over 50 times during the month of April. She did more than just post “great job!” encouragements. Tracy always takes the time to leave positive words, support, advise, photos, links to helpful articles and any tips she may have to help whoever she is encouraging. She is so great at it!



Share how you’re choosing to Live Better with us in the comment section below!


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