Barry’s Promotion to Community Manager

Newly promoted Palazzo Apartments Community Manager, Barry recently took a few minutes out of his day to sit down and share his thoughts on Venterra and his experiences with us.  His promotion from Leasing Consultant to Community Manager is another great example of us following through on our Leader Promise to “strive to promote from within!” Check out what Barry had to say in the video below! Know someone who could be another Venterra success story? Refer them […]

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Rob and Miguel: AAGO Maintenance Mania Champs!

Falcon Square Apartments’ very own Rob Rodriguez and Miguel Santiago were crowned champions at the Apartment Association of Greater Orlando‘s recent Maintenance Mania competition! Maintenance Mania® is a national program offered by NAA and presenting sponsor HD Supply, in which maintenance technicians compete against each other in various skill-based table games based on common maintenance activities and a race car Each NAA local affiliate has the opportunity to have their maintenance technicians compete individually to win various

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Take Your Dog to Work Days!

We’re happy to announce the addition of yet another AWESOME Venterra employee perk! This year we’re going to try out something new…Take Your Dog to Work Days! There are plenty of great reasons why we decided to invite our canine pals into the office: Take Your Dog to Work Days can help decrease stress! A study published in the International Journal of Workplace Health Management showed that people who brought their dogs to work were actually less stressed

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Michelle’s Kitchen Surprise

​​Venterra Experience Leaders are continuing to WOW our employees in a big way! Check out how Elizabeth Leschander, Community Manager at The Dominon at Woodlands along with the rest of The Dominion Team created an amazing experience for her Leasing Consultant, Michelle: “Michelle moved into her very own apartment for the first time and she did not have much in the way of kitchen items. We know how costly it can be to start out so we used some

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What Your Desk Says About You

A full 57% of employees say that they judge their coworkers based on how clean or messy a workspace they keep. It might just be time for you to take a step back and try to decipher what your desk is telling the folks in your office. Courtesy of comes an article that breaks down what your desk says about you including the below infographic from From the tidy minimalist to the overflowing

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