Michelle’s Kitchen Surprise

Venterra Experience Leaders are continuing to WOW our employees in a big way! Check out how Elizabeth Leschander, Community Manager at The Dominon at Woodlands along with the rest of The Dominion Team created an amazing experience for her Leasing Consultant, Michelle:

michelle's kitchen surprise“Michelle moved into her very own apartment for the first time and she did not have much in the way of kitchen items. We know how costly it can be to start out so we used some WOW-EE money and the entire team chipped in to help. We got her a Crockpot, kitchen knives, a cutting board, mixing bowls and some kitchen gadgets and utensils! We brought everything over and hid in her apartment to surprise her!”

They say a picture says a thousand words. This one of Michelle in her freshly stocked kitchen definitely says we’ve got one happily surprised Leasing Consultant! Great story, Elizabeth! Way to go out of your way to WOW your team!

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