Jose and Family Go to The Perot Museum

Zang Triangle Service Manager, Jose Ramirez and his family were recently treated to a trip to the Perot Museum by Senior Community Manager, Crystal Sanchez! Check out the story that Crystal posted below:

Jose Perot Museum“Our Service Manager, Jose is such a hard worker and the best team player I know! We were having a conversation about how my son went to NASA in Houston, and he was saying how me needed to take his sons to something like that. Jose has three kids all below the age of seven! He told me about how his oldest LOVES anything science and space related. I told him he needs to go and visit the Perot Museum in Dallas, and he casually mentioned on how he “needs to do that one of these days.” 

I couldn’t WAIT to get him tickets to the New Perot Museum so he didn’t have to worry about it at all! We presented this to him and he was shocked and I saw the surprise in his eyes and it was SO GREAT!”

Jose’s smiling face definitely says it all, and he even shared a few pictures from the family trip to the museum with us, as well! Great work making the time to create an employee WOW moment and reward an employee for being great, Crystal!


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