Employee Experience Training

I’ve had the extreme pleasure of traveling to each of our regions over the last month to host our first ever Employee Experience Class. In this class, we explored the importance of, and how to deliver, a World Class Employee Experience! As we all know, the reality is that everyday tasks and challenges get in the way of focusing on our people. But as leaders we need to make the experience our people have with us just as much of a priority.

Inspired by our Core Values and Leader Promises, the goal of the class was to create a culture that people simply don’t want to leave! This class gave me the opportunity to look back over my 11 years with the company and talk about my real-life experiences, and more importantly the life lessons that resulted. Through my real-life examples, we discussed the importance of a strong team culture, caring about more than just deadlines and tasks, managing stress effectively, and having fun!

I’m excited that everyone left the class with a better understanding of why it is important to create a culture that their team members are excited to be a part of, as well as practical ways to make this happen! And to make sure we got to have some fun, too, the class was held at the different Topgolfs in each of our regions! Once we completed the classroom portion of the day, we went outside to their beautiful golf bays for some lunch, fun teambuilding, and a little friendly competition!

I appreciate the opportunity I had to get out and talk with our awesome leaders and can’t wait to see how we take our Employee Experience from good to great!

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