Happy Veterans Day

Veterans Day

Every year, Veterans Day is an opportunity for us to honor the uniformed men and women who have served our country.  It’s a day to celebrate veterans from past generations and a day to welcome a new generation of veterans home from war and a day to thank our future veterans, still serving both at home and abroad.

To honor the individuals who have made an enormous sacrifice for our country we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the history of Veterans Day, and would like to make a few recommendations on ways to help teach the young folks in your life how to celebrate the holiday with a few ideas that come courtesy of SpouseBuzz.com. Their article, 10 Ways to Teach Your Kids About Veterans Day,  is full of some great ideas on how to observe the holiday that we wanted to share.

  1. Attend a Parade. Find a local parade in your newspaper or online. Make it a point to meet some of the veterans afterward and let your children interact with them.
  2. Give Thanks. Have your children draw a picture or write a thank you note to give to a veteran. This simple gesture lets our veterans know that their service is not forgotten and still appreciated. If you don’t know a veteran, use Operation Gratitude to deliver the message.
  3. Donate. Rather than just writing a check (which is also a great option), have your children research a veterans organization to donate to, and then have them raise the money to do so.
  4. Raise the flag. Whether you decorate your neighborhood, walkway or just fly one in your yard, talk to your kids about what the colors mean and why it’s so important to respect those who have fought and continue to fight to defend them.
  5. Clean your house. Have your children go through their toys and clothes, and donate gently used items to your local Disabled American Veteran’s (DAV) chapter.
  6. Invite a veteran. Have a veteran over for coffee, invite him or her to an outing with your family, or volunteer to bring him or her dinner one night.
  7. Make poppies. While these signature flowers, made famous by the poem “In Flanders Field,” are often associated with Memorial Day, a bouquet of these beauties of remembrance would brighten any hospital room. Call your local VA medical facility to see what your family can do to cheer up patients.
  8. Sing a song. Teach your kids the words to the national anthem or “God Bless America.” If they’re feeling really ambitious, take them to a local VA facility to perform.
  9. Color. Print off Veterans Day coloring pages. Have your budding artists color a picture and give it to a veteran as a thank you.
  10. Rally your community. For your community organizer, help him or her establish a “Kids Thank a Vet” (KTAV) Chapter in your area. Participating children think of ways to say thank you, from volunteering to writing poems.

For all the details on these great ideas be sure to check out the full article.

To all of our veterans, thank you for all you have done for our country. 

We wish you a Happy Veterans Day. 

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