Our Fridays Just Got a Little Bit More Fun!

Our continued focus on Employee Experience has turned up the FUN level once again! We’ll be picking select Fridays moving forward where every one in the office gets to dress for the day’s theme.

CollageOctober was the first month of Fun Fridays! The first was held on the 16th when the our employees got a chance to support their favorite sports teams by wearing team jerseys or tees for the day!

It turns out we have some serious sports nuts who aren’t afraid to show some their team love. Check out the photos to the left of a few of our crews showing their true colors!

Our second was on October 30th when our teams were encouraged to sport their Halloween costumes and they definitely came through in a big way again! If you haven’t already, be sure to check out Venterra Halloween 2015 to see our Halloween spirit shine.

We’re looking forward to many more Fun Fridays to come!

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