Las Vegas High Roller!

High Roller

Our Chez Moi Community Manager, Shannon, recently had an opportunity to take one of her team members upcoming Vegas trip to new heights!

Danielle, who had recently been promoted from her role of Better Living Consultant  to Assistant Community Manager at the community had taken a few trips to Sin City, but hadn’t experienced the tallest observation wheel in the world yet: The High Roller!

Knowing that Danielle and one of her best friends had the trip planned, Shannon took it upon herself to surprise Danielle with a pair of tickets to this one of a kind ride the day before they were set to head out! Danielle was as surprised at the WoW moment that Shannon created for her as she was excited to be able to see Las Vegas in a brand new way. Not only was she able to become an official High Roller, but Danielle also managed to get these great nighttime photos of the wheel and the beautiful neon skyline from on top of the world!

Danielle High Roller


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