We’ve Got What Millennials Are Looking For.

MillennialTalent-GDIt probably isn’t a shock to hear that millennials are the new majority in the US workforce. As a group they dominate the recruiting landscape, so as a company we have to look hard to find ways to attract and retain the best and brightest candidates from the demographic. We’re constantly on the lookout for folks with the right skills and personalities to succeed with us, but if we aren’t able to connect with the groups that they’re a part of then we’re missing out on a big opportunity for them and our organization.

Jena Viviano, Business Development Associate at The Muse recently published a LinkedIn article titled “Why You Aren’t Attracting Millennial Talent,” in which she breaks down three of the missteps companies make in appealing to the job seekers in this group. Here are the big three and a few of the ways we’ve tried to avoid the pitfalls:

1) “You may have a great culture, but no one can see it.”

Our company Core Values include “Candor and Openness” and it’s a value that extends to our recruiting practices, as well. By creating new content that highlights what makes us tick we’re all about getting the word out about Venterra Realty so candidates can determine if we might be what they’re looking for. Whether it’s videos of our teams being goofy, photos from our Kickoff Parties, or news about policy changes, we want you to find out what we’re all about in whatever way you like best. If you’re looking for regular exposure to our awesome culture be sure to sign up for The Venterra Skinny from our Career Site homepage if you haven’t already!

2) “You aren’t living where they are living.”

While we really are in many of the places that are great for jobs, our recruiting is also focused in the virtual places where millennials spend their time. We recognize that putting our company culture on display for all to see doesn’t work if it isn’t in the places people like to look. We make an effort to have a presence on social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram and to make it into inboxes to ensure we’re exposed in a way that’s convenient and pain free for job seekers.

3) “You haven’t defined your purpose.”

We like to keep things simple at Venterra, so we’ve defined the purpose of our company the same way. Our seven Core Values are our mission and our vision. They are what differentiate us from others in the multi-family industry. They define who we are and how we conduct ourselves. As our CEO, John Foresi says “It’s okay if you don’t live these values, you just can’t work here.”

Be sure to take a few minutes to check out Jena’s full LinkedIn article and if you’re a millennial –  speak up! Use the comment section below to tell us what else we can do to help paint a more clear picture of who we are. We’re all ears!

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