Houston: Still Going Strong!

Houston GrowthOur largest community presence is in a city poised to soon become the third largest city in the nation: Houston, TX.

Despite the downturn in oil prices, the city, which was once expected to suffer during times of oil-busts, is continuing to grow and according to a recent OilPro.com Article, will likely take the number three spot from Chicago within the next decade.

The secret’s to Houston’s resiliency? It’s got a lot going for it. Although the energy sector still accounts for a big part of the city’s economy, the city has grown in diversity, is a major port, is home to NASA, has welcomed refugees, and continues to have relatively low unemployment, making it a great place to find a job.

OilPro.com’s article “Houston Shrugs Off Low Oil Prices, On Track To Become USA’s 3rd Largest City” details these advantages in bullet points, statistics, and interviews with local heavy hitters.

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