Our San Antonio/Austin and Dallas/Ft. Worth Regions Go Zero Risk!

CollageIn keeping with our Leader Promise to provide the tools and resources for our employees to be successful, our San Antonio, Austin, Dallas, and Fort Worth teams recently participated in our Zero Risk Customer Experience course! This full-day class ensures our teams understand what the Venterra Customer Experience and all that it involves.

A requirement for all new Venterra employees and a refresher for our existing employees, the “gamified” and interactive class covers a wide range of topics with the ultimate goal of making us a “Zero Risk” company to do business with. Having an empowered team full of employees with a solid understanding of our residents’ expectations and perceptions means that even when something goes wrong, we can recover with grace and will have an even more loyal customer base as a result.

At the end of both days, we had San Antonio/Austin and Dallas/Ft. Worth teams full of officially certified Experience Makers and Leaders!

Check out what a couple of the attendees had to say about the course:

“The gamification was a lot of fun. I also enjoyed having a chance to get creative with fun ways to solve common problems in conjunction with the Fun Initiative videos. Good stuff!”

“I really enjoyed the group exercises! I felt that they were effective in practicing the new skills that were being taught in the class.”

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