What Are Your Clothes Saying About You?

ClosetSliderRegardless of the type of position you are in (or hope to be in!) there is always going to be a set standard for what clothes should be on your back while you’re on the clock.

With employment options ranging from lifeguard to CEO this standard can vary greatly, but it’s critical that you know what the expectations are in your specific workplace so you can dress to impress while you’re on the job hunt and after you land your new job!

Below are some general guidelines on what should be hard passes when gearing up for the work day. These come courtesy of Derek Lennon at JobMonkey.com!

  • Don’t wear anything that’s too casual. – Things like sweatpants, tank tops, or flip-flops are almost always a no-no in the workplace.
  • Don’t wear revealing clothes. – People have a hard time respecting co-workers that show too much skin. Unless you work at the beach, keep yourself covered up.
  • Don’t wear clothes that are dirty, filthy, wrinkled, or stinky. – If you’ve worn it recently, give it a good clean before wearing it again.
  • Don’t wear anything offensive. – T-shirts are usually a bad idea, especially when they have rude slogans or inappropriate pictures.
  • Don’t wear anything that makes it impossible to do your job. – Wear functional clothing that allows you to get your job done quickly.
  • Don’t wear the same clothes you wore out last night. – From formal wear to disco clothes, change up your wardrobe before you head to the office.
  • Don’t wear inappropriate body piercings. – In the professional work environment, keep the piercings to a minimum.

Check out the full article on the topic and links to others on JobMonkey here!

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