A New Champ is Crowned!

BridgetFFLWinnerThe folks in our corporate office recently competed in the 2nd Annual Venterra Fantasy Football League in which they drafted NFL players and set weekly line ups to achieve the most overall points. Although, emotions can run high and the competition isn’t for the faint of heart, the Venterra Fantasy Football League is just one more way we like to fulfill our Leader Promise to make time to have fun!

With the NFL season at an end, it was once again time for the crowning of the fantasy football champion. When all was said and done last year’s winner, Senior Software Developer, Andrew “Fighting Foresi” Basso, had to relinquish his title to the latest victor: Director of Recruiting & Employee Development, Bridget “HotRod” Sherrod!

To commemorate the moment Bridget was presented with a trophy that is sure to be displayed in a prominent place in the office where the rest of the corporate team will have to begrudgingly acknowledge her VFFL prowess.

The league has quickly turned into a tradition that is sure to stick around for quite some time, so Bridget is going to have to work to stay on her game in order to defend her title in the seasons to come!

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