Our Birthdays Just Got a Little Happier!


In 2015 we’re focused on creating an even better employee experience.  Our recent Kick-Off Parties were the perfect venue to make announcements about several new initiatives aimed at doing just that!

One of the biggest hits of the party was news that employees past their one year anniversary with Venterra would now have a paid day off in order to take the time to celebrate their birthdays!

Needless to say, folks are pretty excited about it. In the words of our Champions Green Property Manager, Kathi Price, “How awesome is it to work for Venterra?!” Our thoughts exactly, Kathi!

The announcement was made by our Chief Operating Officer, Richard Roos, and to commemorate the moment, he sported an elegant and appetizing piece of head wear much to the viewing pleasure of his audiences.

This awesome new policy and others like it are a testament to the results that we’ve seen as an organization as well as our ongoing commitment to making Venterra an amazing place to work!

Time to get your celebration on Venterra!

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