The Georgia and North Carolina Managers Take to the Sky!

Our Georgia and North Carolina Property Managers recently enjoyed an awesome team building event for their Q4 meeting! The group visited Banning Mills Adventure site outside of Newnan, GA and jumped into the adventure of a difficult group challenge! The property managers progressed through a series of several levels of zip-lining, hiking, climbing, and rope walking of increasing difficulty. Throughout the process there were many encouraging words and conquered fears! Three hours later a brave group of five were able to emerge victorious having completed all levels of the challenge! Way to go!


Everyone had a great time and is looking forward to tackling their next outdoor adventure: white water rafting!

Here’s what  a few of the participants had to say about the experience:  

Lauren Moseley,  Senior Property Manager at Tuscany at Lindbergh: “It was BY FAR the most unique and fun work event I’ve ever been part of. While I didn’t go to level 4, I’m happy for the experience I got and the fact that I was able to do with the other PM’s! Next time I vote rafting or tubing!”

Alisha Levine, Property Manager at Providence of Northlake: “I loved the PM fun day activity, although my body would have to disagree. I was SO impressed with those of us that conquered our fears and encouraged that ALL of my team mates where there to give me support every step of the way. We worked as a team until the very end. I was proud of all of us.”

Sarah Ziebell, Property Manager at Cedar Springs: “Yesterday was an incredible experience not just because we were able to get together but it taught me things about myself that I really wouldn’t have guessed. It showed me that my strength is stronger than my fear and I’ll use this as a reminder in the future when I face other fears. I also loved the positive encouragement and compassion between all of us. Coming from someone who hates heights, it was awesome to be told that I made people proud by zip lining. Thank you for the opportunity!”

Way to step up to the challenge and face those fears as a team! A big congrats to all the participants!

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  1. I will say this was by far the best team event we’ve done. I loved the support everyone gave it each other. Shear fear def brought us all closer. lol

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