The Importance of Hiring the Right Person




Written by Justin Callahan, Property Manager at Bradford Pointe

Did you know the wrong person in any job will never perform as expected despite intense coaching, training or motivating. It all boils down to job culture fit and hiring the right team to drive the business and deliver astounding results. In a recent research study from The Gallup Organization, just 30 percent of employees are energized and committed at work. Another 50 percent are effectively neutral (they show up and do what is expected but very little more than that). The remaining employees – 20 percent (2 out of 10) are disengaged and cost companies up to $550 billion per year in lost productivity in the U.S. alone.

We’ve all heard that employers want the best talent. That sounds great, but it’s not easy. No matter the position, from Porter to CEO, Venterra is committed to having the right people in place – not only for the success of the company, but so the employee may reach personal success as well. Putting time and effort in finding talent is essential. Each person provides a level of service that adds or creates value. It’s well worth the wait to find the perfect candidate instead of rushing to fill a spot. Any person can fill a role, but we’re aiming for the right person: someone who is a good fit for Venterra and finds us a good match for them. We are looking for employees who represent Venterra’s brand well. Who are innovative, creative and take personal responsibility for Venterra achieving success. For these motivated individuals with Venterra, the sky’s the limit! Their demonstrated engagement and performance will take them as far as they want to go and our never-ending pursuit of excellence is just that! It will never end, but just think of the endless possibilities the future holds for our team and Venterra!


(excerpts and statistical information from Journal of Property Management May.Jun 2014)

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